Jeff Whyman
The Wonderous Spondylus Americanus

Incredible colors and sculptural forms of infinite variations. Blooming and extending out in radiant, long and flat spinal patterns, just begin to define the powerful and breathtaking beauty of the unique qualities of the true Spondylus Americanus.


Found in the Americas, emerging out of the ocean depths in open rubble fields, our divers arduously search for these scarce, camouflaged treasures covered with sponges and grasses. The transformation into the final polished and masterfully presented state of this shell species, leaves the eye of the beholder awestruck.


Above all other species of shells, the Americanus, is by far the most alluring and seductive in all its diversified art forms - from specimen to specimen. Each unique piece, offering us an entirely new Spondylus masterpiece to explore and be inspired by.


Let imagination and adventure fill your heart with all of the love and gratitude from Heaven above in all God's Creation.